Tiny Design

Tiny Design speaks to the heart of why we do what we do at Hey Now! Spaces only matter as much as the lives we live in them. And we truly believe in the power of our surroundings to inspire.

So Tiny Design starts with your What and your Why. What do you want to do in your life/home? Why is that important to you? Whatever you’ve always wanted to do at home, we’ll design a dedicated space for it with a honed Tiny Design. Maybe it’s:

  • Yoga and meditation

  • Art and painting

  • Family game and puzzle nights

  • Music and jam sessions

  • Outdoor dinner parties

  • Working from home

Then the How is up to us. We find a way to incorporate your activities into your home. It may be beautiful. And it may simply be functional. What matters is we’ll help you be sure there’s room for it in your life.

The design process includes a 45-minute in-home Consultation to give us a big-picture look at your space, a 45-minute virtual concept presentation meeting, and one round of revisions of up to one additional option per piece. You place the orders, receive items, and unbox and assemble them in time for Install Day.* We will then come place, arrange, and style your Tiny Design.

*We are happy to recommend a handyman/woman for hire to unbox and assemble items if you’d like to outsource that!