Hi! I'm Amy Hadley.

I believe that what we surround ourselves with matters; that spaces affect how we feel, how we interact with our loved ones, and what we do with our time.

It’s a lesson I learned halfway across the world.

My first career was as a reporter and anchor at a local Austin news station. Right in the middle of my stint as a local celebrity, I took a hiatus to move to Prague, Czech Republic, with my husband. For two glorious years we lived as foreigners, far from home, in one of the most magical cities in the world. And that’s where I learned the power of home—of setting up your space with purpose so it serves you, and even helps you get what you want out of life. Our flat in Prague helped us feel rested and relaxed, recharged and energized, motivated and inspired.

I founded Hey Now Interiors out of this environmental-behavioral approach to design. I believe everyone should have access to a home that helps you feel and function your best.

So what do you want home to do for you? I’d love to hear!

Image credit: Kim Willis

Image credit: Kim Willis


A little more about Amy

I had a lot of fun in my news days. Feature reporting was my jam, and I had great bosses who let me run with that. Fly with that, even. I had a weekly hobby/fitness segment called Fit for Friday, where I tried everything from indoor skiing and skydiving, to cowboy-mounted shooting and the flying trapeze. (I have a pretty good blooper reel to show for it.)

I'm most proud of founding a weekly segment that featured foster children. Forever Families had a 65% adoption success rate, and I am endlessly privileged to still be in touch with several families who adopted some of the kiddos I got to know. I’ve also served as a board member and supported EveryChild, Inc, a nonprofit that finds permanent family homes for children with disabilities who are living in institutions.

After Prague I anchored for two-and-a-half years and started another weekly segment, House Proud. It was my way of having one foot in the world of interiors and led to me realizing my dream job. That’s also when my husband and I started a family. Liam is a bouncy five-year-old who’s obsessed with making paper airplanes and wrastling. Cora is a sassy three-year-old with a sashay for the catwalk and a 'tude to match. Their giggles and coordinating dimples will melt you.

Image credit: Kim Willis

Image credit: Kim Willis

Amy was an absolute delight and she “got it” from day one. We had almost no changes to her initial concept board! She completely understood what we were looking to achieve with our backyard, and delivered a comfortable, stylish and timeless design. She also was respectful of budget and responsive to my questions. I would work with her again in a heartbeat.
— Elisa S. in San Carlos, CA