What we surround ourselves
wiTH impactS our lives…

…what we think, how we feel, and what we do. The colors, the layout, the light all define the energy of a room in a way that can inspire, relax, energize and comfort us.

I design layered, approachable rooms with function, flow, and personality based on your goals and how you want your home to feel.


Rad Man Cave

Spirited Girl's Room

Rustic Modern Master

Cheery Tween Room

Prague Adventure Flat

Fresh Start Roomie Bedroom

Around the World Nursery

Amy is talented, easy to work with, and very invested in your vision and function for the room. She is able to balance designing to your tastes and pushing the envelope (which is why you hire a designer). She rocks.
— Tanvee M. in Hillsborough, CA