Commercial Design Services

As an employer, you play a very special role in the well-being of your employees and your guests. Happy employees are productive employees. Delighted guests are repeat guests. The aesthetics of environments have been proven to affect how people think, feel, and act (*for convincing research, geek out with us below). Which is why we pour all the care and energy we have into creating the office, the hotel, the cafe where you hang the Welcome sign.

We respect and admire your investment and attention to your commercial space. In return, we aim to serve and inspire your staff and guests. We start with function, flow, and ergonomics to address use and comfort. Then we consider color, lighting, and decor to create spaces that are memorable and inviting.

We love helping with:

  • Small Offices

  • Clinics

  • Churches

  • Boutique Hotels and Short-term Rentals

  • Cafes, Coffee Shops and Restaurants

  • Model Homes and Apartments

  • Lobbies

Every commercial project starts with a free one-hour discovery session on-site. We provide a custom proposal after the initial consultation.

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* In her book, Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness, Ingrid Fetell Lee investigates the impact of our environments on how we feel. In a chapter on energy and color, she says, “In a study of nearly a thousand people in Sweden, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, and the UK, people working in bright, colorful offices were more alert than those working in duller spaces. They were also more joyful, interested, friendly, and confident. The drab tones of most school buildings and offices are understimulating, leading to restlessness and difficulty concentrating. The liveliness of color helps us marshal the energy we need to learn, be productive, and grow.”



Rates vary by project size and scope.